Fix Plex Roku 2 Glitch and Crash after Firmware 7.7 Update

Recently my Plex app for Roku 2 XD started crashing after a minute or two of playback. Since it was on my toddler’s Roku I just started using Netflix and figured the problem would work itself out. Cut to a month later and my kid being utterly sick of her “Bo on the Go”, “Little Einsteins”, and “Super Why” Netflix rotation, I decided to look into the Plex for Roku crashing issue.

Immediately I found myself at this recent Plex forum post after doing a Google search for “Roku 2 Plex Crash”. A bit of skimming makes it evident that a recent update from firmware 7.6 to 7.7 on the Roku 2 XD/XS models is the reason for the Plex crashes, as well as glitches and crashes in other apps like Amazon and Hulu.

After a bit of reading I ended up at the Roku forum where a Roku Staff member made a reply saying to email him your Roku 2 serial number and he would roll back your firmware to 7.6 from 7.7 as a temp fix. I’m not exactly one for “temp fixes”, plus there were people already bitching that the roll-back was taking too long. I decided to keep searching..

How I fixed Plex Crashing on Roku 2 after 7.7 Update

After a bit more searching I then came across a page with “secret codes” to access Roku hidden settings and even manually install channels, for developing and testing of course. I decided to try checking for updates and was given the option to update to the same build version I already had, so I did it!

Problem solved… so far my kid has been watching Plex for an hour without any problems! I assume something with the original update from 7.6 to 7.7 didn’t go through or got corrupted, and re-updating fixes the issue. *fingers crossed* Here’s the code to use.

Roku 2 Secret Screen (System Info, Factory Reset, USB Test, Cycle Channel Store, Updates, Logging)

Code: Home:5x, FF:3x, RW:2x

Once in the menu just try doing an update. Good luck, and please comment below whether re-installing the 7.7 update via the above secret menu fixed your problem or not!

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  1. Didn’t work for me. I reinstalled the same 7.7 update and it’s still crashing my Roku 2 XS. Guess I will look into a new Fire TV.

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