How to Get a Free Top-Level Domain Name for Your Website, Game Server, or Remote-Desktop Needs

So, you want a domain name but don’t want to pay for it or have a lengthy second-level subdomain?

Whether using it for a website, a private game server like Minecraft or Ultima Online, or just using it to set up some sort of remote-desktop or virtual-computing protocol to your home or work computer, there are always a few top-level domain registrars out there handing out free domains to those that take the time to register. There may be some special rules or guidelines to follow with the free domains, but it’s still better than trying to run a website, game server, or use remote-desktop with just an IP address, especially if it’s a dynamic IP!

A Totally Free Top-Level Website Domain?? Yep, they work and are totally free!

In case I’ve already lost you – a website on a “top-level domain” (TLD) would be something like, where as a “second-level domain” (SLD) would be something like – hence the reason second-level domains are generally called “sub-domains” or just “subdomains” (because typing hyphens all the damn time sucks).

Subdomain Diagram - JSnowCreations
Subdomain Diagram – JSnowCreations

Sure, having a top-level Domain is much easier to remember and prettier on the eyes than a second-level subdomain like or for example. Although, when picking up one of the free top-level domains from around the web, you still have to make certain sacrifices or compromises. Some free top-level domain registrars don’t give you complete DNS control over your domain, which might not be a big deal to some people. However, all free top-level domains are usually Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) which mean you won’t have one of the more recognized TLDs such as “.com” or “.net” but instead will have something like “.tk”, “.ml”, “.cf”, “.ga”, or “.gq” which are all the current free TLDs during the writing of this article.

These are the Best and ONLY FREE Top-Level Domain Registrar Directories on the Web:

  • – Get Free Domain for Your Website:
    They have all of the free top-level domains, as well as some decent free second-level domains to choose from too!
  • – Register Your Free Domain Name:
    Only deals with Free top-level domains. Their site is a bit of a pain, but if you deal with the page refreshes it works. However, they add some domains before they are free, and keep some up after they are no longer free, so be observant!

It Only Takes Minutes to Get Your Free Top-Level Domain Registered and Ready to Use!

If you don’t want a random country-coded top-level domain or a second-level subdomain, but still want a top-level domain name for free, you will have to get creative! The best way I could recommend getting a non-country-coded top-level domain such as “.com” or “.net” would be signing up as an affiliate at domain registrar that does affiliation, then use your referral/affiliate link to get some other people to buy domains which will earn you revenue to use for getting your own domain name! Some domain registrars with an affiliate program I could suggest would be WebsiteSpot, GoDaddy, and NameCheap. WebsiteSpot is by far the cheapest domain name registrar on the web, Godaddy is by far the most reputable and widely known domain registrar, and NameCheap is a good blend of both affordable prices and a long history of satisfied customers!

Subdomain Diagram - JSnowCreations

How To Get a Free Second-Level Subdomain for your Website, Game Server, or Remote-Desktop Needs

Maybe you have an idea for a pretty sweet but non-professional website that you want other people to see, but not wanting to pay for a fancy “.com” or “.net” top-level domain is sort of holding you back? Perhaps you are hosting a slick Minecraft or Ultima Online 2D Classic private-server and want to give your players easier access to your game than a random IP Address?

It could even be that you like to access your home computer through the internet while away via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and are tired of trying to remember your home network’s external IP address – especially when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) changes it all the time!

Did You Know You Can Easily Get a FREE Second-Level Subdomain within Minutes to Fulfill Your Geek Needs??

In case I’ve already lost you – a website on a “top-level domain” (TLD) would be, a “second-level domain” (SLD) would be – hence the reason second-level domains are generally called “sub-domains” or just “subdomains” (because typing hyphens all the damn time sucks).

Subdomain Diagram - JSnowCreations
Subdomain Diagram – JSnowCreations

There are numerous places out on the web to get a subdomain registered for no cost. Some are top-level domain registrars that hope by teasing you with a quality free service that you will eventually upgrade to their premium services. Others are generally free web hosts that also double as domain registrars using the same tactics, except hoping you will eventually upgrade not only to a premium top-level domain, but also to premium web hosting as well! Either way, as long as the company is reputable and has been around for a bit of time, it’s generally safe to assume that your free service provisions won’t ever be hindered or rendered null if you are just using their services for a free subdomain. (Free web hosts are known to limit or even shut down their free websites that get too popular or resource-heavy and put a strain on their often overloaded servers, but I go over that in another post.) Put Simply, if you use a reputable web host or domain registrar to register and use just a free second-level subdomain, but not their hosting features, your subdomain will most likely be safely and dependably yours forever!

Here are the Best FREE Second-Level Subdomain Registrar Directories on the Web:

  • – The Largest SubDomain Provider:
    A HUGE registrar of nothing but FREE subdomains! Most likely the largest selection of free subdomains available for traditional registration.
  • – Free Short Domain Hosting:
    A new-comer to the free-subdomain-registrar directory scene, but looks very promising! Specializes in free subdomains that are short like link-shortener service domains.
  • – Free Minecraft Server Subdomain:
    Geared toward giving your private Minecraft servers a free subdomain, but could technically be used for other games and even non-game purposes.
  • – Dynamic DNS & Static DNS Subdomain and Domain Hosting:
    Not exactly a domain registrar or web host – it’s actually a site to get a static subdomain to point to your dynamic ip address, but it’s free subdomains and DNS control have infinite uses!

Yep, It’s That Easy to Get Your Very Own Personalized Subdomain for Free!

Enjoy your new personalized subdomain name, that came without a price tag. If you are looking for a free domain name, but don’t want to settle for a subdomain, I cover some ways to get a free top-level domain in another post.

MSConfig Screenshot - JSnowCreations

Speed Up your PC using MsConfig

Does your Windows Operating System take FOREVER to load once your PC starts? Has your computer gotten much slower than when you purchased it? Chances are, EVEN if you just bought your computer and took it out of the box, there are programs running in the background that you can’t see – Slowing your PC down!

So what exactly is MsConfig, you ask?? Well, if you have Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, or 7 then you already have it! MsConfig stands for “MicroSoft System Configuration Utility” and it has been bundled with every Windows Operating System from Windows 98 through Windows 7, excluding Windows 2000 and NT. However, you can still acquire builds of MsConfig.exe that are compatible with Windows 95, 2000, and NT, they just weren’t bundled with the OS by MicroSoft.

What does Msconfig do? MsConfig does a multitude of things, but in this How-To we are just covering the “Startup” capabilities of MsConfig. MsConfig allows you to choose which Programs and Applications load with Windows when your PC starts up.

Easy Steps to Manage Startup Items using MsConfig:

First, Click your “Start” button on your Start Bar, then find the Search box in your Star Menu. Type “MsConfig” (without the quotation marks) and press Enter on your keyboard.

MSConfig Screenshot - JSnowCreations
MSConfig Screenshot – JSnowCreations

Second, the System Configuration window should open. Navigate to the “Startup” tab.

MSConfig Screenshot2 - JSnowCreations
MSConfig Screenshot2 – JSnowCreations

Third, in the “Startup” tab you will see a list of Programs and Applications that can load with your Windows OS when your PC Starts up. Every item with a Check mark in the box to the left is an app starting in the background when your pc Starts.

MSConfig Screenshot3 - JSnowCreations
MSConfig Screenshot3 – JSnowCreations

Fourth, Disable Any and All Programs/Applications by Un-Checking the item’s box(s) and pressing the “Okay” button. Generally, nothing in Startup is needed for your Windows to Startup.

Remember, it is Highly Recommended that you DO NOT turn off your Anti-Virus in Startup unless your PC is disconnected from the Internet.

You can always go back to MsConfig and enable anything in Startup that you disabled.

MSConfig Screenshot4 - JSnowCreations
MSConfig Screenshot4 – JSnowCreations

Note: After pressing “Okay” in MsConfig you will be asked by Windows if you would like to Restart your PC now or later, the choice is yours, however changes won’t take affect until you restart your PC any way. Also, when your PC restarts for the first time after using MsConfig you will be notified that settings in System Configuration have been changed – this is Normal.

That’s it, you’re Done!! Enjoy your faster-than-ever PC thanks to MsConfig!