Jarte Screenshot - JSnowCreations

Tired of Wordpad? Jarte might be for you.

By now, most of us are quite familiar with Wordpad. It has come with most Windows OS (Operating System) installations since the mid 90’s, and hasn’t changed much since. Need to Paste something temporarily, take down some notes, or write a quick letter? Then Wordpad is probably your best friend, (unless you’d rather use the ever-so-complex Notepad), but what if you want more without going with the big names like “Word” and “Lotus”? Then maybe you should think about checking out Jarte, a compact yet powerful shareware word processing application.

Jarte Screenshot - JSnowCreations
Jarte Screenshot – JSnowCreations

This Wordpad replacement program boasts many features from it’s sleek, misleading appearance, but don’t be fooled!

With only twelve buttons at the top of application, one might actually start to think Jarte is a bit lacking – But hovering over those lonely buttons will most definitely reveal otherwise. A whole array of functions never thought to be supported in such a small, compact application – some features expected, and some completely fresh.

Jarte Screenshot2 - JSnowCreations
Jarte Screenshot2 – JSnowCreations

Actually, Jarte comes with three interface schemes. One is a very, very, simple minimalist layout most likely best for notes, one is a compact layout with a bit more functions, while the third is a fully expanded “classic” looking Word Processor. To simply say “classic” would not do justice though, “innovatively classic” perhaps?

Jarte Screenshot3 - JSnowCreations
Jarte Screenshot3 – JSnowCreations

Throughout these different, well-thought schemes are many familiar writing tools tweaked with small add-ons that only help the attractiveness of Jarte. A mouse-over Bar Graph icon reveals word, character, page and line counts. Along with 25 clipboard slots, table support, special characters, and equations, the most impressive function just may be the built-in scalable screen-cap utility. The least impressive tool, however, would be the spell-check tool, though the creators say future released will be revamped. Other functions and utilities include PDF and HTML conversions, all major document file extensions, and tabs for multiple document work.

I would recommend Jarte to anyone that is looking for a good Wordpad replacement application, it can easily be found for download all over the web, for example my Jarte post in the Downloads section!