Failed to Install HCMon Driver Error Installing VMware Workstation on Windows Fix

I was installing VMware Workstation 12 Pro yesterday and I kept getting this “Failed to install hcmon driver” error at the very end of the install, and each time it would undo the install and I’d be left with nothing.

After a few Google searches I found this page in the VMware Knowledge Base and learned the problem was pretty stupid, but easy to fix.

See, I also manage a 32-core 128gb ram server running VMware ESXi 6 in my office and in order to connect to that VMware host I use the VMWare vSphere client. Apparently the vSphere client conflicts with the VMware Workstation installation so I had to uninstall it.

After removing the vSphere client I no longer got the “Failed to install hcmon driver” error while installing VMware Workstation 12.

Once I installed Workstation, the vSphere Client reinstalled perfectly fine.

Also, remember to restart your machine after installs and uninstalls to avoid other issues that can arise from not restarting!

MSI Failed Error While Uninstalling or Installing VMWare Workstation on Windows Fix

The other day I was trying to uninstall and then upgrade my VMware Workstation from version 10 to 12 and I kept getting an “MSI ” Failed” Windows Error.

Turns out it helps to stop not only VMware programs running via Task Manager, but to also stop the VMware Windows Services. After that, VMware Workstation 10 uninstalled successfully and I was able to install VMware WS 12 with no problems!

Well, there was one problem involving an hcmon drive error, but it was an easy fix.

Note: Restart your machine after installs/uninstalls so other issues don’t arise! (This is important!)