TextMechanic.com/Remove-Duplicate-Lines – Remove/Delete All Duplicate Lines within Your Text/List

Often when building lists of SEO keywords or making simple notes in list-form, I often end up with some duplicate lines strewn about in my lists.

TextMechanic’s Remove/Delete Duplicate lines tool helps me quickly and painlessly remove any duplicate lines in my lists, which can be a real time-saver when deal with a list of hundreds of lines!

To use TextMechanic’s Remove/Delete Duplicate Lines tool, simply paste in your text, check off whether you want matching to be case-sensitive and if you want empty lines removed, then click the “Remove Duplicate Lines” button!

Note: For files too large to successfully load into this text field, use the “Big File Tool” link below.
Privacy of Data: This tool is built-with and functions-in Client Side JavaScripting, so only your computer will see or process your data input/output.

TextMechanic.com/Remove-Duplicate-Lines - Screenshot - J Snow Creations
TextMechanic.com/Remove-Duplicate-Lines – Screenshot – J Snow Creations

Quickly Resize Multiple Images at the Same Time – BulkResizePhotos.com

I’ve used many bulk image resizing apps and software and the one the they usually have in common is confusion! Sure, some times all the options in the world are nice when you need them, but when you just have 100 photos that you want resized so that no side is larger than 1000px it can be a real hassle screwing with a few dozens settings.

Quickly and easily resize dozens of images according to scale, longest side, height, width, or to a fixed size using Bulk ResizePhotos.com!

Our Story

We created Bulk Resize Photos after going on a holiday with friends in 2014. When it was time to share photos of our holiday, the friend with the best camera had photos too large to share and no convenient way to make them smaller.

None of the images used with Bulk Resize Photos get uploaded. They are all processed on your computer. That makes Bulk Resize Photos both fast & convenient.

BulkResizePhotos.Com Screenshot - J Snow Creations
BulkResizePhotos.Com Screenshot – J Snow Creations

Capitalize Your Titles Automatically – CapitalizeMyTitle.com

Some times it’s just easier to use a generator/convertor, and properly capitalizing website post, page, and product titles is no exception!

I use Capitalize My Title on almost a daily basis, depending on what I’m working on. To be honest, more than half the time I’m fixing titles that my SEO clients have at some point made in ALL CAPS over a decade ago.

CapitalizeMyTitle.com Screenshot
CapitalizeMyTitle.com Screenshot

Advanced URL List Cleaner Tool – FreeTools.WebmasterWorld.com/Tools/Url-Scrubber/

URL Lists can be a pain to handle some times. Whether your list is for SEO, web-scraping, or research purposes, it will almost certainly get a bit out of control once the URLs start numbering in the hundreds.

Even if you keep your list organized in a database or spreadsheet such as Microsoft’s Excel, you will surely end up with duplicates of one form or another at some point! WebmasterWorld.com’s “URL Scrubber” tool will help keep your URL lists clean and duplicate free!

Some times you may need just the shortest link in a list from each domain, some times you may need the longest link from each domain. WebmasterWorld.com’s “URL Scrubber” tool is the way to go – here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The Advanced URL List Cleaning Tool is very powerful. It enables you to merge multiple lists from various sources and clean them up. This will leave one URL per domain or you can choose to receive a list of only unique URLs. The most useful features of this tool include the following:

  • Generation of One List from Several Lists – With the Smart URL List Cleaner, you can important several lists (simply press CTRL/CMD to select multiple files from your computer) and merge the data from each by copying and pasting the list into the input field. (This is helpful when you are using multiple sources of backlink research such as Majestic SEO and Google Webmaster Tools.)
  • Clean Up Your List and Keep Unique-Domain URLs Only – This is very helpful when using various sources of data.
  • Clean Up The List and Keep Only The Longest URLs From Each Domain – This can be like gold when, for example, the Google Webmaster Tools give you multiple URLs for one backlink like the blog archives page, blog post URL and category page. The Blog Post URL is generally the longest and most often the only true source of the backlink.

Use this tool to get your link lists ordered.

I do a lot of Google searches for SEO purposes, as well as open-proxy gathering, and then “scrape” the search result URLs into lists using Google Drive/Documents for later use. WebmasterWorld’com’s “URL Scrubber” tool is what keeps all of my lists clean and duplicate-free!

WebmasterWorld.com Screenshot - J Snow Creations
WebmasterWorld.com Screenshot – J Snow Creations

Bookmark WebmasterWorld’com’s “URL Scrubber” tool so that you never get stuck with a dirty URL list again!

Remove or Add Special HTML Entities from Text or HTML Code – MotherEff.in/Html-Entities

HTML Entities are special strings of characters used to replace certain punctuation and special characters in text mixed with HTML so that none of the punctuation or special characters interfere with the HTML. You will often see HTML Entities when copying and pasting text directly from rich-text word processors such as Microsoft’s Word, OpenOffice’ Writer, or Lotus’ Symphony, directly into your website builder or CMS (CMS stands for Content Management System). You will also see special HTML Entities appearing when switching between the “Visual tab” and the “Plain-Text/HTML tab” of most website builder and CMS text editors, as well.

For Example: My poem “Happy Kitty” is awesome.


and: My kitty’s ears are so cute!


Ever screw up a nice chunk of HTML or Text by pasting it in the wrong spot and now all of your punctuation is screwed? Here’s what MotherEff.in has to say:

This tool uses he to HTML-encode any string you enter in the ‘decoded’ field, or to decode any HTML-encoded string you enter in the ‘encoded’ field.

MotherEff.in’s “html-entities” tool adds, or removes, HTML Entities from a chunk of Text or HTML Code. I switch over to the “Visual” tab in my WordPress editor some times and it screws some of my paragraphs up – I use this tool to fix mistakes like that!

MotherEff.in Screenshot - JSnowCreations
MotherEff.in Screenshot – JSnowCreations

Bookmark MotherEff.in’s tools if you do much work online with code, they are a huge MotherEff.in time saver!