Comparing the Cheapest Nintendo Switch Controllers for Best Value

Comparing the Cheapest Nintendo Switch Controllers

I wanted to take four Nintento Switch controllers on vacation, but I didn’t want to fork over the money that four Switch Pro Controllers would cost.. and I did not want to risk my beloved 8BitDo controllers. Naturally, I did what any sane person would do and I bought half a dozen of the cheapest … Read more

How to Cheaply Replace HP 15-cw0055nr Keyboard and Not Whole Palm Rest


Recently my sister’s HP 15-cw0055nr laptop was having some keyboard issues, and by issues I mean her cat knocked a beer over and the keyboard drank it all. After letting the HP Laptop dry she cleaned as much of the beer from the top of the keys as well as any beer she could reach … Read more

Best Snap-Ring Pliers for Ford F250 and other Super Duty Wheel Hubs

One of the things I see people asking for help with the most in Ford forums is which snap-ring pliers are best for for the snap-rings (retaining clips) that keep wheel hubs attached on F-250s and other Super Duty trucks, plus Ford Excursions. The wheel hub assemblies on 2005 and newer Ford Super Duties are … Read more