What is J. Snow Creations?


Defined by Simple Design: My goal is to create the most powerful, yet simple, websites using the free open-source blog platform software,  WordPress, as a CMS (Content Management System). With the use of mostly free, and some premium, WordPress Themes and Plugins it is possible to create a website unrivaled by the best of any traditional web developers – complete with Security, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration, and Current Web Standards.

Although WordPress is very powerful, it can also be quite overwhelming for beginners who are trying to get a grasp on things, especially when attempting to do some of the  more, “advanced tasks”. For this reason, I started J. Snow Creations as a hub to showcase WordPress guides, tutorials, reviews, top-lists, as well as my portfolio and services , because sometimes it’s just easier to pay someone to do it for you! Anything is possible with WordPress!

Who is J. Snow Creations?


My name is John Snow and I have been perfecting graphic design techniques, building websites, and learning web development coding languages since 1998. I grew up during the peak of the computer age in the 1990s, when things moved faster than ever. Since I was totally immersed in the world of computers and cyberspace at a very young age, I feel as if I have basically matured alongside technology and the worldwide web.

I am well versed in HTML 4 (currently learning the new HTML 5), CSS 3, PHP, and Javascript. I have experience using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Edraw Max, Filezilla (FTP), Adobe Dreamweaver (although I prefer to code in Notepad++), Microsoft Movie Maker, and Microsoft Office. some other general applications essential to my day-to-day work are Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evernote, KeePass, and Skype. On the web you can frequently find me using Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Blog Search, Alexa, WordPress, YSlow, GTMetrix, as well as acquiring new jobs from ODesk, Freelancer, and Elance.

-John Snow