How to Choose the Best WebHost Wisely: Recognize Affiliates & Fake Reviews

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If you’re in the market for a new web host then you’ve no doubt noticed the many review-based websites all over the web quick to tell you which web hosts are better than others and which web host to choose over others. Chances are, if you choose the name of any web host at random … Read more

Use Big Dump to get Around IPage’s 75k Query Limit and 10MB phpMyAdmin Restriction

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If you’re like me, you started your website endeavors on a budget web-host just to get the hang of things before moving on to bigger and better things! If you’re unlucky, like me, your starter web-host happened to be iPage, or some other crap web-host, with insane limitations and restrictions on all sorts of PHP … Read more

Fix Yoast’s WordPress SEO Title & Meta Variables with Types Custom Fields

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If you are like me you insist on using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin to control you WordPress website or blog’s page titles and meta tag data via the “Titles & Meta” settings page found in the WordPress SEO. If you’re really like me then you are also too lazy to custom PHP code your WordPress … Read more

Pros and Cons of Using a Paid Domain versus a Free Domain or Subdomain

There is an endless debate going on the web between web developers and search ending optimizers as to how bad free second-level subdomains and free top-level domains really suck compared to premium paid domains. Some will swear that “content is key”, no matter what your site’s URL, you will always be #1 in the search … Read more

How to Get a Free Top-Level Domain Name for Your Website, Game Server, or Remote-Desktop Needs

So, you want a domain name but don’t want to pay for it or have a lengthy second-level subdomain? Whether using it for a website, a private game server like Minecraft or Ultima Online, or just using it to set up some sort of remote-desktop or virtual-computing protocol to your home or work computer, there … Read more

How To Get a Free Second-Level Subdomain for your Website, Game Server, or Remote-Desktop Needs

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Maybe you have an idea for a pretty sweet but non-professional website that you want other people to see, but not wanting to pay for a fancy “.com” or “.net” top-level domain is sort of holding you back? Perhaps you are hosting a slick Minecraft or Ultima Online 2D Classic private-server and want to give … Read more